Main course


SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE SERVED WITH GARLIC CHEESE TOAST _______________________________________________________________________________________155 THB SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS SERVED WITH GARLIC CHEESE TOAST _______________________________________________________________________________________ 155 THB PERSONAL SIZE PIZZA TRADITIONAL (ITALIAN SAUSAGE, MUSHROOM, SPECIAL SAUCE, ONION, TOMATO AND MELTED CHEESE) HAWAIIAN STYLE (SPECIAL SAUCE, HAM, PINEAPPLE, A LITTLE BIT OF ONION AND A LOT OF MELTED CHEESE) _______________________________________________________________________________________ 69 THB APPLE'S LASAGNA SERVED WITH GARLIC BREAD TOAST, A FAVORITE WITH MANY OF OUR FRIENDS _______________________________________________________________________________________ 155 THB POUTINE CHIPS (FRENCH FRIES) SMOTHERED IN MELTED CHEESE AND GRAVY SAUCE _______________________________________________________________________________________ 69 THB CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA TRADITIONAL CHICKEN CURRY, SPICY BUT NOT TOO SPICY, SERVED WITH YOUR CHOICE OF RICE, MASHED POTATOES, CHIPS OR TOASTED GARLIC CHEESE BREAD __________________________________________________________________________ ____________ 145 THB PORK LOIN STEAK SERVED WITH VEGETABLES AND A RED WINE MUSHROOM SAUCE (ADD CHIPS FOR 25 THB) _______________________________________________________________________________________ 149 THB PORK SHOP REAL PORK CHOP SERVED WITH VEGETABLES, MASHED POTATOES OR CHIPS AND GRAVY _______________________________________________________________________________________ 189 THB GRILLED CHICKEN FILLET STEAK SERVED WITH CREAMY MUSHROOM SAUCE AND VEGETABLES (ADD CHIPS FOR 25 THB) _______________________________________________________________________________________ 129 THB MINCED BEEF AND ONION PIE SERVED WITH GRAVY AND VEGETABLES (ADD CHIPS FOR 25 THB) _______________________________________________________________________________________ 139 THB CREAMY SMOOTH CHICKEN PIE SERVED WITH JOM'S SIGNATURE VEGETABLES (ADD CHIPS FOR 30 THB) ________________________________________________________________________________________ 119 thb SHORT RIBS SERVED WITH JOM'S NEW BBQ SAUCE AND CHIPS, PERFECT FOR THAT "SNACK ATTACK" _______________________________________________________________________________________ 109 THB COTTAGE PIE OVEN BAKED WITH MINCED BEEF AND PORK TOPPED WITH HOMEMADE MASHED POTATOES _______________________________________________________________________________________ 145 THB STEAK OR CHICKEN FAJITAS MADE THE WAY YOU REMEMBER THEM SET FOR ONE STEAK________________________________________________________________________________ 189 THB CHICKEN_____________________________________________________________________________ 169 THB SET FOR TWO STEAK________________________________________________________________________________ 349 THB CHICKEN_____________________________________________________________________________ 299 THB APPLES T-BONE THE KING OF THE STEAKS THAI FRENCH T BONES, EACH ONE HAND SELECTED BY DAN, THEN PROPERLY AGED AND SEASONED TO PERFECTION, SERVED WITH PEPPERCORN SAUCE AND CHOICE OF VEGETABLE AND POTATO ______________________________________________________________________________________ 450 THB THAI FRENCH SIRLOIN STEAK DINNER SERVED WITH PEPPERCORN OR RED WINE MUSHROOM SAUCE AND YOUR CHOICE OF POTATO AND VEGETABLE _______________________________________________________________________________________ 230 TH FISH N CHIPS FOR THE ENGLISH AMONG US SERVED WITH CHIPS OR VEGETABLES _______________________________________________________________________________________ 119 THB



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